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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Bachelor's Degree in Physics Oriented to Secondary Education

Bachelor's Degree in Physics Oriented to Secondary Education

As a graduate of INTEC, you will be a diversified professional, with moral rectitude, social responsibility and scientific objectivity. You will have the necessary knowledge and the information and communication technologies that allow you to successfully insert yourself into the educational system and contribute to its development. You will have the capacity to continue learning the knowledge of physics and its forms of teaching in the second cycle of basic education and secondary education, being able to play leadership roles in positions of accompaniment to other teachers in the area.

Why Physics?

Physics is oriented to knowledge and understanding of the laws of nature that regulate the behavior and vicissitudes of energy, matter, time and space. In the Dominican Republic several studies have been carried out in which the low level of preparation of students in the Basic and Middle level of the education system in some academic areas such as physics is reflected. At the same time, other studies have been carried out, which prove the lack of preparation or knowledge that the teachers of this subject have, which brings as a consequence what was previously stated. We need trained teachers to complete the work that was started in the country with the approval of the 4% for education and the construction of numerous school sites.

Where can you start?

You will be able to work in public and private secondary schools, in different technical bodies of the Ministry of Education associated with the teaching-learning of Sciences and in particular of Physics as well as in commissions and organisms that need the knowledge of Physics for the taking of decisions.


  • Teacher of public and private schools of the Secondary level
  • Collaborator of centers dedicated to research in Physics.
  • Director of educational centers.
  • Independent adviser to non-governmental organizations that require knowledge of Basic Sciences.
  • Assistant in companies that dedicate themselves to the generation of educational material allusive to the learning of Sciences.


  • Knowledge of the subjects with whom it will interact and the different ways of approaching them to the natural and social environment, by taking advantage of the resources available in the environment.
  • Ease for teamwork, honesty in the face of scientific facts, interest in intellectual production, a high sense of dedication and quality of work.
  • Exercise of the teaching of Physics at all levels of the pre-university education system.
  • Ability to participate in interdisciplinary nuclei that reflect and plan their practice.
  • I handle fundamental aspects of teaching such as information and communication technologies, the rules of democratic coexistence and participation and the care of the environment.
  • Design and creation of learning environments and situations and use of diverse strategies and resources for knowledge management, taking into account previous knowledge, the nature of the discipline and the diversity of physical, cognitive, affective, ethical and aesthetic needs of its students.
  • Domain of his area of ​​specialization showing knowledge of the scientific contents of Physics, both Theoretical and practical.
  • Mastery and application of the specific didactics of the Basic Physics and promotion in their students the love for science.
  • Management and use of techniques and tools that allow you to inquire about the laws and principles of Physics in the development of Laboratory Practices.
  • Autonomous and collaborative learning.


    As a student of the INTEC you will find a stimulating environment for learning, where you will have the resources and laboratories to facilitate the understanding of the concepts and test your ideas. Not only will it have Physics laboratories for teaching, but it will also have access to research laboratories, Nanotechnology, alternative energies, remote sensing, among others. In addition, you will have the support and accompaniment of a faculty with specialized studies from various universities in the world and in the main areas of the career, and with a great experience of work accumulated in the implementation of projects in national and international companies. Entering INTEC you will begin your journey to achieve a comprehensive preparation, enhancing your skills, values ​​and attitudes for success as a professional and obtaining solid knowledge that will allow you to master emerging technologies.

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