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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Bachelor of Data Science

Bachelor of Data Science

You will be a professional with multidisciplinary training and scientific-technical skills to extract, analyze and communicate massive amounts of data in an ethical and responsible manner. You will prepare yourself for smart decision making and to solve complex problems in the scientific, technological, business and social sectors according to the current and future needs of the information in the market.

Why Bachelor of Data Science?

The volume of data available worldwide grows exponentially due to the development of the Internet of Things and a greater capacity for data management is necessary. Professionals with a solid foundation in statistical and machine learning models with the ability to analyze, manage and optimize information are a fundamental part of strategic decision-making in organizations.

In the Dominican Republic, INTEC is, so far, the only institution that is training professionals capable of meeting this demand at the national level.

Where can you start?

You will be a competitive professional locally and internationally with the ability to coordinate interdisciplinary teams formed in logical, mathematical, statistical and computational sciences. You can start your own data analysis company and give consulting in any organization, especially in the following sectors:
  • Financial and insurance sector
  • Ecommerce
  • Research centers
  • Public institutions

How can you work?

You will be prepared to perform managerial, middle and / or technical command functions in organizations and develop the following professional profiles:
  • Consultant and manager of R&D projects.
  • BigData Specialists
  • IA Project Manager
  • Data scientist
  • Project manager
  • Business intelligence information systems analyst


  • Combined, use mathematical, statistical, and programming fundamentals to develop solutions to problems in the field of data science.
  • Applies statistical and mathematical reasoning in the design of studies, information gathering, data analysis, and drawing conclusions, in order to examine and make objective proposals to improve the context in which it operates.
  • Design and build analytical applications using development techniques, integration and reuse of software components.
  • Use information and computer technologies in the application of data science, Artificial Intelligence and statistics to solve problems efficiently in different contexts.
  • It actively participates in interdisciplinary groups for the elaboration and instrumentation of studies and projects at national and international level, in the development of products, formulation of integrated business strategies in the technological and financial context.
  • Organizes and manages projects, services and computer systems in the field of data science.
  • Manages the maintenance, performance and reliability of databases. Likewise, it evaluates improvements in the design and structure of the databases to develop information management plans.
  • It develops advanced statistical and machine learning techniques that allow data to be transformed into knowledge and provide systems capable of solving supervised and unsupervised classification problems, as well as searching for conditional independence relationships between related variables.

  • Advantages of studying at INTEC

    The professional of this career, graduated from INTEC, will develop the skills and abilities required to perform successfully in a global world. This study program prepares the student to be a professional attached to the values ​​of excellence, scientific rigor, social responsibility, solidarity, continuous innovation, integrity and respect for diversity; with the guarantee of being sued in the productive sector or labor market.
  • Internationalisation

    Through the Institutional Mobility program, you will be able to take specialized subjects in your career for one or two terms at one of the universities with which we have agreements on 4 continents.

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