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Bachelor's Degree in Biology Oriented to Secondary Education

Bachelor's Degree in Biology Oriented to Secondary Education

He is a professional committed to the education of new generations, with values ​​and knowledge that enable him to learn, investigate and teach about the different biological components of nature.

Why Bachelor in Biology?

The Dominican Republic is a niche of natural riches, we have a great variety of plants (flora) and animals (fauna) which contribute to the beauty and sustenance of our island. The biologist trained as a teacher, transmitting his knowledge to future generations, will favor the care and conservation of these resources, in addition he has the responsibility to collaborate with the training in values ​​that characterize a more responsible individual and aware of their environment. This program will contribute to the training of a professional with high social and personal skills, to perform effectively and efficiently the functions that society demands in this field.

Where can you start?

The graduates of this career will have the opportunity to work as teachers of Basic and Media Education in both the public and private sectors. They can be incorporated into Masters programs in Natural Sciences, and be integrated into scientific and research projects, in addition to occupying positions of leadership and direction in the area. In turn, they can collaborate in state institutions such as: Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Public Health where they can apply their knowledge in biology; in the same order, the National Education system and the Caribbean and Central America Region.


  • Teacher of public and private schools of the middle level.
  • Collaborator of centers dedicated to the investigation of the population.
  • Director of educational centers.
  • Independent advisor of non-governmental organizations that require pedagogical knowledge.
  • Member of different ministries of the country.
  • Assistant in companies that are dedicated to the generation of educational material.
  • Educational Advisor of Protected Areas.
  • Promoter of Education in rural and urban communities.
  • Researchers and / or research assistants in scientific projects.


  • Management of fundamental aspects of teaching such as information and communication technologies, rules of coexistence and democratic participation and care for the environment.
  • Development of research processes in education and in the specific area to respond to different problems and use their results to improve their practice.
  • Domain of his area of ​​specialization showing knowledge of the scientific contents and mastery of the teaching of Biology.
  • Capacity in the handling and use of the techniques and instruments that allow them to investigate the laws and principles of Biology.
  • Ability to design and develop innovative activities that promote meaningful learning.
  • Understanding of the scientific method for its application in problem solving.
  • Creativity, critical reasoning, autonomous and collaborative learning; as well as the capacity for organization and planning.
  • Capacity of oral and written communication appropriating the scientific language.
  • Ability to insert the environmental dimension in their teaching, and to assess the complexity and uncertainty that exists in the interconnection environment, science and society.
  • Knowledge management capacity using information and communication technologies.


    As a student of the INTEC you will find a stimulating environment for learning, where you will have the resources and laboratories to facilitate the understanding of the concepts and test your ideas. In addition, you will have the support and accompaniment of a faculty with specialized studies from various universities in the world and in the main areas of the career, and with a great experience of work accumulated in the implementation of projects in national and international companies. Entering INTEC you will begin your journey to achieve a comprehensive preparation, enhancing your skills, values ​​and attitudes for success as a professional and obtaining solid knowledge that will allow you to master emerging technologies.

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