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May 20 2024

Spokesperson Workshop trains in spokesperson skills

The training day given by the INTEC Institutional Communication Directorate focuses on giving a practical look at how academics should prepare to speak in public, know the media, and communicate strategically.

SANTO DOMINGO. - The Institutional Communication Directorate of the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) trained 16 professors, researchers and university collaborators during the 4th. edition of the Spokespersons Workshop, an activity aimed at raising the effective communication capabilities of staff with their target audiences, particularly their relations with the media.

This initiative aims for collaborators to understand the work of journalists and improve their encounters with the press, describe what news is and identify the news potential of their academic work, in the same way, it contributes to the internal audiences of the university knowing, understand and support the university's mission and strategic objectives.

The activity began with some welcome words by Carmen Matos, director of Institutional Communication of INTEC, who explained the dynamics of the workshop and addressed the perspectives of academia and the press, as two opposite faces that have common interests.

Workshop%20of%20spokespersons%20III Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo - Spokesperson Workshop trains in spokesperson skills

Cynthia Abreu, INTEC Dissemination and Press Coordinator, shared SOCO as a tool to communicate effectively, so that participants identify the key messages of the projects they direct, organize their ideas and prepare messages that support them when projecting them to their audiences.

“What the media want and need” was the topic presented by Xiara Paulino, in charge of Press and Content, who explained the dynamics of the journalist, their work rhythms and the importance of being accessible and supporting them in their information gathering process.

Aracelis Mena y Eskarlet Guerrero, INTEC photographers, presented essential aspects of press photography, which they practice in covering university events, while Rosanna Cruz, Social Media Coordinator, explained the role of social networks and their potential to communicate what we do.

As part of the final exercise of the workshop, the participants had a test that consisted of an interview by Rosa Alcantara, journalist y INTEC teacher, in which the participants were consulted live and in television format about their projects to demonstrate the techniques learned throughout the workshop.

Sherlene Martinez, Head of Internal Communication, presented the services of the Institutional Communication Directorate and the means through which the different units and departments of INTEC can request the team's support. The event concluded with the delivery of participation diplomas.

Workshop%20of%20spokespersons%20I Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo - Spokesperson Workshop trains in spokesperson skills

A fruitful meeting

When asked about her experience in the workshop, Ingrid González, career coordinator of the Economics and Business Area, commented that “I found the Spokespersons 2024 workshop to be an excellent training day. Understanding the responsibility of sharing information with the press and having the necessary tools to manage the message effectively will make an important difference.”

Meanwhile, Adelaida Lorenzo, coordinator of INTEC's Education programs, valued the initiative as “relevant and timely.” “It was a space for reflection and learning about the role of journalists, in light of our work as academic experts in different areas, and that we share the commitment to communicate and offer information to the media in a precise, concise and reliable manner” , said. Likewise, she pointed out that she will not forget the talk about SOCO and the impact of personal social networks in the professional environment.

The Workshop was attended by managers from different departments, teachers, researchers, as well as deans and staff who provide service to the community. The activity is framed within the institutional strategic purpose of being preferred partners for development.

Workshop%20of%20spokespersons%20II Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo - Spokesperson Workshop trains in spokesperson skills