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INTEC%20y%20JABIL%20estrechan%20lazos%20para%20formacion%20de%20profesionales%20en%20tecnologia-d08df046 Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo - INTEC and JABIL strengthen ties for training technology professionals


Publication date:

April 30 2024

INTEC and JABIL strengthen ties for training technology professionals

SANTO DOMINGO. The Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) and the engineering, manufacturing and technology company JABIL, the PIISA Industrial Park, will strengthen their ties with the objective of seeking joint solutions to the growing demand for engineering professionals in various areas.

During a work meeting, led by the rector of INTEC, Julio Sánchez Maríñez and the Business Unit Manager of JABIL in the Dominican Republic, José Alberto Molineaux, the company presented its projections of about 500 engineers who will be required by the sector in the next three years.

In this sense, they addressed the need to establish a strategic alliance that allows both institutions to focus on the training of professionals in technological careers, particularly in the areas of industrial, mechanical, mechatronics and electronics engineering. Also, in the electrical engineering, biomedical and industrial design careers, all part of INTEC's distinctive academic offering.

Additionally, during the meeting held at the JABIL headquarters in the PIISA Industrial Park, INTEC and JABIL executives specified the mutual interest in creating opportunities for internships, specialized courses, projects, diplomas and the involvement of JABIL in the Learning Factory Program of the INTEC, a pioneer in the country, which allows engineering degree students to complete their final degree project, meeting a specific need of the participating companies.

Likewise, they contemplated the incorporation of the company to the advisory councils of the INTEC engineering careers, through which the profiles and skills of professionals in training could be strengthened.

In this sense, JABIL executives expressed their interest in having engineering professionals with leadership skills, teamwork, effective meetings and presentations, among others.

The rector of INTEC was accompanied by the teacher and coordinator of the Learning Factory Program, Luis Toirac. Meanwhile, for JABIL, in addition to Molineaux, Alberto Palacios, Senior Quality Manager;_Reimond Rodríguez, Operations Manager; Olga Suarez, Business Unit Manager; Mario Núñez, Senior Workcell Manager and Evelyn Ferrer, Senior Operations Director.

To move forward with the agreements, it was agreed to form a mixed commission that would work on defining strategies to be carried out for the permanent link between INTEC and the JABIL company. The first actions include reciprocal visits to the multinational company's plant in PIISA, and to the technological laboratories of INTEC.

As part of its 2027 institutional strategy, INTEC has proposed to strengthen its relationship with the productive sectors and be a preferential partner in its development initiatives, through the training of the human resources necessary for the country.