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INTEC-7-b410664e Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo - Embajada de Estados Unidos e INTEC concluyen primer diplomado internacional de Periodismo de Investigación


Publication date:

10 November 2020

The United States Embassy and INTEC conclude the first international diploma in Investigative Journalism

SANTO DOMINGO. The Embassy of the United States in the Dominican Republic and the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) announced the closure of the first international diploma in Investigative Journalism, on Tuesday, November 10, in which 70 journalists and students of the Social Communication career from different universities participated, taught for three months under the modality of virtual teaching.  

The diploma was developed through the Social Communication and Digital Media career of the Social Sciences and Humanities Area of ​​INTEC with the aim of providing knowledge, tools in the use and management of multiple platforms, communication channels and sources of information offered technology for the current practice of journalism.  

In a total of 60 hours, prominent journalism teachers and renowned journalists from the Dominican Republic and the United States transferred their knowledge.  

The diploma course began on August 10 with the keynote address: "Investigative journalism in the digital age and artificial intelligence", by the Spanish journalist María del Mar Cabra, Pulitzer Prize Winner for Journalism.  

In addition, Henry Jenkins, expert in transmedia journalism, tenured professor of communication, journalism, cinematographic arts and education at the University of Southern California, gave the seminar "Audiovisual Narrative in Digital Environments", while Alberto Cairo, Spanish journalist and designer , director of the Knight Chair in Visual Journalism at the University of Miami (UM) School of Communication, gave a seminar on infographics and data journalism.  

The content of the program was divided into three modules, the first was “Development of investigative journalism”, which was taught by Santiago Gallur, a Spanish researcher and professor of the degree in Social Communication and Digital Media at INTEC; Omaya Sosa Pascual, investigative journalist from Puerto Rico, member of the Center for Investigative Journalism.  

Likewise, Mariela Mejía, a Dominican investigative journalist belonging to the investigation team of the Diario Libre newspaper and an INTEC teacher, and Ronny Rojas, a Costa Rican investigative journalist, who currently heads the data unit of Univisión Noticias, in Miami. 

The second module concerning the "Architecture of journalism in digital media" was in charge of professors Renato González, coordinator of the master's degree in Data Science at INTEC; Tania Molina, teacher and member of the investigation team of the newspaper Diario Libre, whose approach was the application of artificial intelligence in journalism. 

Similarly, Osvaldo Larancuent, coordinator of the master's degree in Cybersecurity at INTEC; Fausto Rosario Adames, director of the digital newspaper Acento; and Mayra Poueriet, Audiovisual Producer with a Master in Marketing, INTEC professor, and immersive journalism expert Robert Hernández addressed issues related to new international trends in communication. 

 “Audiovisual Narrative in Digital Environments” was the third and last module of the diploma course that was taught by Violeta Marie Lockhart Guerrero, professor of the Film and Audiovisual Communication career, and Indhira Suero, professor of Social Communication and Digital Media, both at INTEC .  

Investigation work 

The participants of the course were divided into 17 groups, to carry out a journalistic investigation focused on how the COVID-19 pandemic would have affected the achievement of the goals established for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Of the total of works submitted, the Embassy and INTEC will select the best three after carrying out an evaluation process.  

US Ambassador Interview 

Following the closing of the international diploma in Investigative Journalism, scheduled from 11:00 to 11:30 in the morning, the United States Ambassador to the country, Robin Bernstein will be interviewed in English by the students of the Social Communication career and Digital Media Nicole Clase, Lisa Aquino and Lill Taveras, in the format of “Encuentros en Radio INTEC”. 

The interview will be broadcast on the university's YouTube channel (INTECRD) and on its digital radio station Radio INTEC, which can be accessed through this link