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Carrera%20de%20Cine%20del%20INTEC%20formara%20parte%20de%20la%20Federacion%20de%20Escuelas%20de%20Imagen%20y%20Sonido%20de%20America%20Latina-987e0066 Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo - INTEC Film Career will be part of the Federation of Image and Sound Schools of Latin America


Publication date:

April 02 2024

INTEC Film Career will be part of the Federation of Image and Sound Schools of Latin America

SANTO DOMINGO. - The Board of Directors of the Federation of Image and Sound Schools of Latin America (FEISAL) unanimously approved the incorporation of the Bachelor's Degree in Cinema and Audiovisual Communication of the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) as a full member of this Federation.

This approval enables the program to participate in all the activities and meetings that FEISAL carries out, among them the FEISAL Exhibition, in which works carried out by students from audiovisual schools in Latin America and the Caribbean are selected; the book collection “Cuadernos FEISAL” or other spaces for exchange and articulation.

FEISAL is a federation in which more than 50 Film and Audiovisual Arts majors in Latin America participate. The associations of Active and/or Adherent members are requested by each school and approved by the Federation Assembly, which in turn can designate as Honorary Members outstanding personalities in audiovisual education in the region.

Alfredo Padrón, coordinator of the Film and Audiovisual Communication degree, said that “the acceptance of our organization in FEISAL is a guarantee of the quality of our program, as well as a challenge to stay within it.”

He explained that the association with FEISAL will allow access to an important repository of technical and artistic information, as well as curricular development of the organization's member schools that are at the forefront of innovation in the audiovisual field. At the same time, it provides the opportunity to make contributions to the enrichment of cinematographic heritage.

He added that “our University, through our Film and Audiovisual Communication program, will have access to participation in important festivals, conferences and teaching exchanges, which will allow us to receive outstanding filmmakers and producers to carry out pedagogical internships for the benefit of our students. as well as access professional and teaching qualification programs for our teachers and students in other latitudes.” 

On its website, FEISAL is committed to educating young people who fight for change. “We confirm ideological plurality and freedom of expression and stimulate the spirit of creative renewal, committing ourselves to teaching our students that imitation of the Hollywood model is not the way to follow, but that it is in our Latin American uniqueness where the universal projection of our cinema.”

Esteban Ferrari, president of FEISAL, welcomed INTEC through an official communication. “From now on, it is a great joy for us to have you among our institutions and we hope to be able to develop lines of work together,” he said.

All schools teaching audiovisual media, image and/or sound in Ibero-American countries that have a tertiary or higher level recognized in their own countries can be members of FEISAL. Also those study centers that are attached to departments of Communication or Audiovisual Arts.