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Visita%20autoridades%20del%20INTEC%20a%20Presidente%20de%20RD%20-%20Externa Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo - Luis Abinader receives the rector and the president of the Board of Regents

Publication date:

January 08 2022

Luis Abinader receives the rector and the president of the Board of Regents

SANTO DOMINGO. The Republic President, Luis Abinader, He received in his office at rector and Chairman of the Board of Regents of the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC), Julio Sanchez Marinez y Franco Gómez, respectively, in a meeting in which they reviewed the cooperation and research initiatives carried out by the academy.

During the exchange, the rector of INTEC presented to the president the more than 30 projects in which the university cooperate with the government management in favor of society, through different ministries and state agencies. Also they 26 active scientific and technological research projects developed by the academy with funding from the National Fund for Innovation and Scientific and Technological Development (FONDOCYT) and more than 50 publications in magazines cataloged in Web of Science y scopus, the most prestigious and rigorous scientific-technological bibliometric databases.

President Abinader, recognized as Outstanding Graduate of the INTEC Business and Economics Area in 2014, celebrated the contributions of his alma mater and showed his interest and that of his government in promoting research, its applications and the development of innovation in the country. Similarly, he highlighted the importance of universities and national and international alliances to support applied research and innovation.

Meanwhile, the president of the Board of Regents of INTEC spoke about the relations of the academy with North American and European universities, to which the President reacted with interest, suggesting to take advantage of them to strengthen local capacities in research and innovation.

During the visit, the academic executives took the opportunity to extend to the President of the Republic an invitation to visit his alma mater in 2022, the Year of the Fiftieth Anniversary of INTEC, and emphasized that the entire international community would celebrate having him back on campus, that it keeps its doors "wide open" to receive you. In the same way, they took the opportunity to extend their congratulations and wish you a successful New Year.