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Dominican Republic would save RD $ 29.5 million with a bilateral contract methodology against electric blackout

An investigation published in the journal Science, Engineering and Applications of INTEC states that in the last blackout (as of the date of the investigation) the Dominican Republic had macroeconomic energy losses of 22,385.37 MWh

SANTO DOMINGO. -The Dominican economy RD $ 29,599,937 would be saved if you had a methodology available power failure reset or blackouts, going from RD $ 40,757,229 without this technique to RD $ 11,157,291 with methodology, this is established by the investigation “Analysis of the black boot system in the Dominican Republic”.

“The last blackout suffered by the interconnected electrical system, according to the Energy Control Center, happened on May 16, 2015 and extended until the next day, with macroeconomic energy losses of 22,385.37 MWh, for a total of RD $ 40,757,229” , refers the document.

According to the research published in the magazine Science, Engineering and Applications of Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) “a series of remuneration methodologies were analyzed to see which one was better suited to the Dominican electricity system, this being the bilateral contract, since this is a concrete payment system with clear and fair conditions that at the same time makes its agents maximize their economic gains by their flexibility. ”

For the current condition of the Dominican Republic, researchers Freddy Acosta, Fanuel Ferrer, Jean Carlos Milanés, Doris Nina, Ransys Santos, Eduardo de León and Miguel Aybar chose the bilateral contract scheme, because in this market there are contracts that involve commercial relations between energy producing agents and consumer users.

They concluded that the establishment of a methodology before blackouts is of vital importance for electric system Dominican, since the more prolonged, the greater the associated losses, causing the financial crisis that characterizes the electricity sector to intensify.

“The Dominican Republic does not have a scheme that allows the system to be restored in the event that any natural phenomenon or event causes a failure in the electricity supply, therefore, a remuneration method and a scheme for the restoration of the system are proposed. fast and efficient, ”explains the research.

He says that the above is achieved by knowing the vulnerable points of the system, the generators with the ability to perform the black-start service and with the help of simulation tools to estimate the response time of the system.

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