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INTEC obtains a new patent for a device that determines fruit maturity

ONAPI granted the utility model patent to the university for the invention that allows determining the maturity of fruits by non-invasive methods, by measuring the gases that are released from them

SANTO DOMINGO. - The Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) obtained a new patent de utility model for device that determines the maturity level of the fruits without the need to remove the shell, which was developed by coordinator of the race Electronic Engineering and Communications, Yobany Díaz, And the graduated of that race, Rafael Polanco Martinez.

The National Intellectual Property Office (ONAPI) granted the patent after certifying that the invention has "world novelty, inventive level and industrial application" in accordance with the provisions of Law 20-00 on Intellectual Property. The academy was notified through resolution 194-2020 of July 24, 2020, and was signed by Luisa Castillo Bautista, director of Inventions of ONAPI.

The wearable device, which was created as part of the interuniversity competition "The Zapote challenge", allows to know the level of maturation optimum of the fruits by non-invasive methods before being harvested, through measurement of the gases that come off them.

The invention provides a special advantage for producers, who saw their ability to export fruits diminished, since they had to partially open them to know their state of maturity (making export impossible), at the same time that they suffered considerable losses from harvesting them before they were at their point. optimal ripening, losing the product.

This occurs particularly with the fruits known as sapotáceos, which must be collected at their point of commercial maturity because, once cut from the plant, they will only ripen a little more. For this reason, if at the time of cultivating the fruit its state of maturity is not known, immersive losses are generated for the producers.

When delivering the patent certificate, Sandy Lockward, ONAPI director, highlighted that INTEC is the university in the country with the highest number of patents granted, for a total of eight. To date, the university has received 5 utility model patents, 2 invention patents y 1 industrial design patent. Also INTEC was first university of the country in to receive la concession of a license in 2016, for a self-heating catalyst in internal combustion engines, designed by the students Francarlos Bencosme, from INTEC, and Keyron Figueroa, from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD).

During the act of granting the patent, the director of ONAPI, Sandy Lockward, thanked the members of the Center for Support to Technology and Innovation (CATI) and those of the Department of Inventions, for their work and dedication towards their goal in search of to promote the development of the patentable invention in the country.

Upon receiving the minutes, INTEC student Rafael Polanco Martínez, valued the importance of initiatives such as “The Sapote Challenge” being carried out in the country to develop innovation. "This is a seed that has been sown and that is bearing fruit over time"He assured, recognizing that the country has enough inventors, so you don't have to go to another country to find solutions.

While the professor Yobany Díaz He expressed that when the team made the patent application they wanted to know the process. “Now we will continue because we work at INTEC full time and we are involved in various investigations. This is an area that opens up for us to continue to focus on investigative work, ”he emphasized.

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