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Superintendency of Banks and INTEC start training program for young professionals

The training, which seeks to contribute to the training of more strengthened human resources, will be given virtually for 12 weeks

Superintendency of Banks and INTEC start training program for young professionals

SANTO DOMINGO.- The Superintendency of Banks (SB) started a training day for the 29 members of Young Professionals Program with the objective of expanding and strengthening their knowledge in banking supervision and regulation. 

It is a training program that has the academic support of the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) and that will address issues such as the Monetary and Financial Law, risk regulation, financial mathematics, internal control, actuarial science, financial accounting, among others. 

Officials from the SB, INTEC academic authorities and the beneficiaries of the initiative participated in the inauguration of the course. 

The Superintendent of Banks, Alejandro Fernández W., highlighted the quality and high standards of INTEC as a center for higher studies and valued the relevance of the program in the academic and professional trajectory of the participants.

Similarly, he took the opportunity to refer to the importance of education as a legacy, in this case, for young professionals who will continue the work of banking supervision in the Dominican Republic. 

Julio Sánchez Maríñez, rector of INTEC, pointed out that the main objective of this training is to strengthen the technical skills of young professionals, with a focus on different areas of bank management. 

The selection of Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo To impart the training program, it was carried out through a public contest in which several academic institutions in the country participated. The training will be delivered virtually for 12 weeks.

About the Young Professionals Program (PJP)

It is a program designed for young professionals aged 33 or younger, in which participants have the opportunity to work and train in the different technical areas of the SB for a period of one year.

The current one is the fourth promotion of this program. The young people were integrated into the usual tasks of supervision, surveillance and protection of the Dominican financial system, in the departments of Supervision, Registration and Authorization, Prevention of Money Laundering, Sanctions, Legal, Risks, Studies, among others.

In this way, the SB contributes to the training and formation of stronger talents for the institution and the financial sector, facilitating the availability of replacements that guarantee the continuity of operations.

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