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Rectory appoints new dean of the Area of ​​Social Sciences and Humanities

Professor Dalul Ordehi González is a psychologist, with a doctorate in Psychology with Orientation in Applied Cognitive Neuroscience, and has been teaching at INTEC for eight years

SANTO DOMINGO. The Rectory of Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) announced the designation from Dr. Dalul Ordehi González as new doyenne of Area of ​​Social Sciences and Humanities for a period of three years, which ends in April 2023.

Ordehi González is a psychologist graduated from INTEC, recognized as a Young National Talent by the INTEC Program with Outstanding Students (PIES). He has a specialty in Early Childhood Education and a PhD in Psychology with Orientation in Applied Cognitive Neuroscience from the Maimonides University, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Serves as teaching of Area of ​​Social Sciences and Humanities from 2012, and has busy several management positions at INTEC as head of Diplomas in the Directorate of Permanent Education; in charge of Scholarship Unit and Coordinator of training on cross-cutting issues for schools in Educational District 15-04 for the Center for Educational Studies (CEED-INTEC), within the framework of the Continuous Training Strategy Centered at School.

In addition, she was director of Curriculum Development, in charge of coordinating the reform towards the educational model by competencies. At the time of the designation, she worked as director of Student Services, from where she has promoted the expansion of programs to support student permanence, the Development of university life, among other initiatives.

Ordehi González considers that Area of ​​Social Sciences and Humanities It is one of those that has greater potential de crecimiento y development inside the academy. It is proposed to promote the leadership of the teaching groups in the areaa, promote research, promote crecimiento of the study centers linked to the area and the integration of new academic programs that respond to the social reality of the country, among other actions.

The selection of the new dean of the Area of ​​Social Sciences and Humanities was made based on a rigorous process of weighing and consulting, in compliance with the provisions of the Regulations for the Selection and Appointment of dean or dean of the Academic Area. As part of this process, the postulated professors shared with the academic community their visions on the area and the initiatives that they would try to promote during their term of office, if chosen, during a forum attended by members of the area and the academic community .

The INTEC Social Sciences and Humanities Area reports to the Academic Vice-Rectory and its head is a member of the Academic Council and the university strategic management team. The Area offers six undergraduate and 18 graduate programs.

The appointment of the new dean is effective for a period of three years, renewable for two consecutive periods depending on the results of her management.

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