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INTEC manufactures low cost mechanical respirators

The university has achieved a functional prototype that has been successfully tested in its Simulation Laboratory, and then in a medical center in Santo Domingo with COVID-19 positive patients who need assisted breathing.

SANTO DOMINGO. Before the deficit situation of sanitary system Dominican due to the impact of the pandemic ofl Coronavirus, A team of students, collaborators y graduates of Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) has dedicated the days of the national quarantine to design y development a mechanical respirator de low cost for COVID-19 patients, with the aim of supporting the treatment of patients incarcerated in the country's health centers.

The ventilator was successfully tested in a National District health center with a patient confined in the intensive care unit with a diagnosis of pulmonary compromise. Prior to this, it was tested in the INTEC Simulation Laboratory (SIMLAB) with high-fidelity mannequins. Both tests established that it meets the required standards.

El mechanical respirator o Ambi (Airway Mask Bag Unit or self-inflatable bag for assisted ventilation) is a non-invasive equipment designed to support the assisted breathing of a patient still conscious, and help you reducir el effort necessary to breathe for a certain time. The Ambu respirator is based on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) model called E-VENT (approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, FDA).


La goal of the university is make 3,000 units of respirators, which is the estimated amount that would be necessary in the country based on statistics from other countries and local cases of exponential growth of confirmed cases per day and number of deaths. He CANTONI de health Dominican has around 1,000 units of respirators, according to the data recorded by the media.

The low-cost mechanical respirator manufactured at INTEC represents an estimated investment of US $ 800 per unit, based on material, import, shipping, and manufacturing costs, significantly less than would be incurred by regular assembly means. In that order, INTEC approaches with different institutions to identify ways of financing the production of the devices.

The mechanical respirator manufactured by INTEC has a pressure regulator, in order to control the appropriate pressures to avoid lung injuries; a tidal volume control, which allows it to adapt to different types of patients, both children and adults; a respiratory rate control, to auto couple with the patient; and an adapter for connection to an oxygen tank to mix the air with oxygen.

In addition to having the endorsement of the FDA, this respirator model has been considered functional in the country after verifying that it provides the benefits of the technical sheet for which it was designed and the evaluation of Dr. Pablo Smester, Coordinator of the Simulation Laboratory of the INTEC (SIMLAB), and from pulmonologist intensivists and respiratory therapists. The academy's team, made up of engineers and doctors, works on adaptations that reduce manufacturing costs, ensuring quality and efficiency already verified.

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