Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

INTEC expands its academic offerings with four unique degrees in the Dominican Republic

Since August of this year, the university offers degrees in Data Science, Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering and Financial Engineering in response to the demands of professionals in these areas.

SANTO DOMINGO. Society demands more than ever specialized professionals in novel areas that support Scientific advances y technological, and that is why the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) has included in its Academic Offer grade level four unique academic programs en Dominican Republic: Data science, Biochemistry, biomedical engineering e Financial engineering.

El exponential development of Internet of Things has allowed a large volume de data that serve both at the business and government level for decision-making, however, the training of professionals to manage these data is a necessity in all countries of the world. Faced with this reality, INTEC offers the Bachelor of Data Science created to offer a multidisciplinary training and with scientific-technical skills to extract, analyze and communicate massive amounts of data in an ethical and responsible manner.

Data Science

Also, due to scientific-technological development present and future of Dominican Republic the labor market requires qualified professionals in Biochemistry. In fact, this career has an important job projection as shown in many developed countries.

In this regard, José Feliz, Academic Vice-Rector of INTEC, specified that the country demands professionals in Clinical Biochemistry to attend to the needs in health matters, who develop new techniques for diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of diseases. Also, experts in Industrial Biochemistry who can lead advances in the agri-food, biomedical, biotechnological, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors, or in Environmental Biochemistry and Toxicology that can contribute effectively, through the recovery of contaminated ecosystems and development of non-polluting technologies, to the protection of the environment and human health in the necessary use of natural resources.

biomedical engineering

To make the development and implementation of healthcare technologyand optimize la daily management of the teams and medical systems, a new professional is required with a solid background in engineering methods, a basic knowledge of biology and medicine, a specific training in biomedical engineering and skills to work in a multidisciplinary environment.


Due to the lack of professionals trained in this engineering, the demand for the corresponding services and professionals in the country are covered by graduates from other areas. This reality forces many companies (especially medical centers) to make a significant investment in training, typically of a technical nature, limiting the skills necessary for the optimal use of health technology and support services for medical professionals.

Through its Area of ​​Economy and Business, INTEC included in its offer the degree in Financial engineering, in response to a demand manifested by the national and international labor markets, especially in a growing economy like the Dominican one. This program offers a global vision of financial systems and will train professionals capable of modeling and managing the resources, instruments and financial risks of an organization.

Financial engineering

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