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INTEC and Public Contracts are working on the design of the degree in Public Management

The academy of higher studies and the regulatory body for government purchases signed a collaboration agreement for three years in the fields of training and research

INTEC and Public Contracts are working on the design of the degree in Public Management

SANTO DOMINGO. - The Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) and the General Directorate of Public Procurement (DGCP) work in the design of a Bachelor of Public Management, which will include a concentration in Public Procurement and Contracting.

This was reported by the rector of INTEC, Julio Sánchez Maríñez and the director of the DGCP, Carlos Pimentel, after the signing of an inter-institutional collaboration framework agreement with the purpose of developing joint investigations, as well as an internship and training program for students and college graduates.

Specifically, the initiative covers the creation of a study group to analyze the impact of Law 340-06, in terms of gender, mipymes, revitalization of the economy e institutionality.

The strategic alliance between the university and the government agency also contemplates the development of a student aid program, through scholarships and specific support for studies related to public procurement.

After recording his signature in the agreement, the rector of INTEC, Julio Sánchez Maríñez, expressed that the academy is designed to serve the best purposes of society. "This agreement contributes to institutional development, by increasing our teaching capacity and the development of research."

For his part, the Director of Public Procurement said that INTEC will play a fundamental role in strengthening the contracting system and establishing a new perspective on the subject. "We have to see and promote hiring as a public policy, because 32% of the general budget of the nation is used to acquire goods and services," said Pimentel.  

For Pimentel, the management of the purchasing units of government institutions must be in the hands of professionals with the skills and competencies, which is why the support of the universities is crucial to move in that direction. "These reflections must be made hand in hand with the academy to innovate and on the basis of multidisciplinary thinking, if we want to contribute new ideas, processes and policies."

About the deal

The academy, in conjunction with the General Directorate of Public Procurement (DGCP), will open events and other specialized ones like permanent chairs on topics of common interest for its dissemination. In addition, the entities will promote the exchange of professionals and researchers from both organizations and joint participation in development projects through the Academic Areas and other INTEC units.  

As a result of the agreement, the General Directorate of Public Procurement undertook to organize courses and workshops aimed at professors, academics and students, on public procurement and sustainable and / or environmental procurement processes.

It will also provide professional technicians in the area for the development of courses, workshops and programs on the current law of public contracting in the Dominican Republic, its regulations and / or derived and complementary regulations, and will encourage university research on procurement and contracting issues.

Additionally, it will promote the design of public policies that are favorable to insert micro, medium and small enterprises into the country's national production and to strengthen sustainable purchases.

In the framework collaboration agreement that will last for three years, INTEC's role will be to design and develop programs under the modalities both leading to degrees recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MESCYT) and those of continuing education. , appropriate to the specific training needs of the DGCP's human capital, and in accordance with the university's policies.

In addition, it will support the implementation of the Dominican model of sustainable and inclusive Public Procurement in order to prepare accreditation programs for public procurement units.

The INTEC Business and Economy Area, whose Dean is the economist Armando Barrios, will be in charge of monitoring the terms of the agreement.

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