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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Services for Students

College life is more than classes, it is also one of the best stages of life. Our university deploys a service platform that you can contact to make your time at INTEC an integrating experience that enhances student success. The Division of Student Services (DSE), located in the Ercilia Pepín building (EP), is responsible for ensuring that this world is at your service and that the environment is one of development and well-being.

Counseling and Counseling

The university assists students in making decisions about their career, once they have begun the registration process. INTEC provides personal accompaniment in the process of adaptation and academic development and can deliver vocational tests when necessary.

The Student Assistance Unit offers academic and emotional support to students in situations such as:

  • Vocational guidance (to students who have deposited registration documents)
  • Vocational assessment (active students with very drastic career changes)
  • Guidance for study habits and management of time and stress through workshops
  • Difficulties with subjects and / or relationships with teachers
  • Counseling for challenging subjects
  • Career change
  • Support and follow-up of students in Academic Probation period

Free workshops

  • Study Strategies
  • Time management
  • Sexuality
  • Drug
  • Socialization meetings (for students who are not from Santo Domingo and others interested)

Some of the processes that Student Assistance handles are:

  • Applications for career change All student can request a form for these purposes at the Registration Office that must be completed. Then she / he is interviewed in Assistance to Students, a unit that accompanies her / him in the rest of the process. The report card is attached to the form along with the payment receipt of RD $ 500. Once this is completed, the student redeposits the registration form.
  • Request for readmission (students who have interrupted their studies and want to resume them).
  • The forms to carry out these processes are collected in the Registration Office.
  • Orientation and reinforcement of Mathematics. Refer to the tutorials organized by the Area of ​​Basic and Environmental Sciences for these and related subjects.

Assistance to Students

The opening hours are by appointment from Monday to Friday, from 1: 00 pm to 8: 00 pm

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Phone: 809 567 9271 Ext. 267

Free tutoring

INTEC offers free support to its students to strengthen their knowledge in the Area of ​​Basic Sciences, mainly Mathematics and Chemistry.

The interested person must go to the Area of ​​Basic and Environmental Sciences, where he can consult the corresponding schedule, which varies every quarter. Then he goes to the classroom where the tutoring will be given.

Do you need support with Mathematics? Visit our forum Mat-INTEC.

Download Tutoring Schedule NOVEMBER 2017 - JANUARY 2018

Area of ​​Basic and Environmental Sciences

Phone: 809 567 9271 Ext. 386 and 259

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INTEC Internships

This is a program to incorporate students who have passed the stage of specialized studies( according to 2016 curricular reform of their career) to companies or public or private organizations, in which they will carry out programmed works or other forms of supervised practices related to their training and specialization.


  • Serve as a platform for the inclusion of integrity and critical human beings, with ethical and citizen commitment, which evidences, their performance as professionals of excellence.
  • Promote university-company bonds
  • Position INTEC as an intermediary in the recruitment of qualified human resources.
  • Strengthen the skills of students through complementary training activities.

  • Internship Program | Students

    Types of Internships:

    A. Academic Internship

    Mandatory professional-training experience according to a specialization degree in which the student must perform tasks related to their field and will have the assignment of a teacher-tutor who will be responsible for accompanying him / her in preparation process of their final degree project.


    • In order to start the academic internship the student must meet the requirements established in a career curriculum in relation to the number of credits and / or approved subjects.

    Procedure for requesting academic internships

    • When entering their seventh quarter, students should have a meeting with their academic coordinator, so that they can determine and receive the necessary advice about: experience and professional practice or specialization to choose for their career.
    • At this meeting the subject of the internship will be addressed, which should start, if the student has never had experience, in that same quarter if possible. For these purposes it will be remitted to the general internship coordination.
    • In the event that the student is working as an intern or employee and that work as an employee and internship meets the requirements of the internship of the curriculum, the student may validate this through a performance evaluation, comparing current functions with those performed with the competences sought by the compulsory academic internship.
    • In case the student is working as an intern or employee and the work meets the requirements of the internship of the curriculum, the student must make the arrangements and present their case to the Career Coordination and it will indicate the format with the required information that the company must give to validate if it fits the profile and skills to develop according to the design of the academic internship.

    B. Work internship

    Elective professional-training experience in which the student has the opportunity to perform work activities, incorporated as an employee in an institution or company that can be contacted personally or institutionally (by INTEC).


    • Be an active student of INTEC
    • Have approved a minimum of 130 credits
    • Be in normal academic condition
    • The student cannot hold another internship

    Benefits for students:

    • She / he will develop academic and professional skills to increase the level of performance in his field.
    • Increase practical support in time and certification of the student's curriculum.
    • Generates interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships with professionals in their field.
    • It facilitates the insertion into the labor market.

    Registration of candidates

    Internship Unit

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    Schedule: Monday to Friday from 9: 00 am to 8: 00 pm

    Phone: 809 567 9271 Ext. 410

  • Internship Program | Business

    Requirements for linking to the program

    • Be legitimately constituted in accordance with the laws of the Dominican Republic.
    • Own a space available for the student
    • Have a work plan and defined functions
    • Assign a supervisor, who assists the student in their internship process
    • Deliver the established forms to the Office of Internships
    • Sign an agreement with INTEC (Optional)

    Benefits for companies

    • Opportunity to mold a future employee according to their business needs.
    • Improves the institutional image before the community.
    • Increase the productivity of companies.

    Procedure for requesting internships

    • The Company will send the established forms to the person in charge of the INTEC internship unit.
    • INTEC in Coordination with the Internship Unit undertakes to refer the short list of suitable candidates (students) that apply to the required profile within a period of not less than three (3) weeks.
    • The Company will notify INTEC of the selection of the trainee (s).
    • The Company is committed to timely report a performance evaluation of the student in the established times.

    Request interns

    Internship Unit

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    Schedule: Monday to Friday from 9: 00 am to 8: 00 pm

    Phone: 809 567 9271 Ext. 410