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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Applying for a Alumni ID

The INTEC Alumni ID is a document that you acquire automatically upon completion of a degree or postgraduate program at INTEC and identifies you as a permanent member of INTEC's Community. Through it you can have access to the benefits and facilities that the University has established for you. Also, when presenting your INTEC Graduate Card, you will get attractive discounts in recognized commercial venues. (Promotions prior to 2008 must request the preparation of your card and pay for the issuance fee.)

Benefits provided by your Alumni Card

Family Discount Plans

INTEC benefits its graduates, as well as their children and siblings, with special discounts in their academic programs. As a graduate you receive these discounts just by presenting your Alumni card. In the case of your children or siblings, to receive the benefit you do the following:

Before the sixth week of classes of the previous quarter to which your family member will obtain the discount, you must complete an application form available in the Student Services Area and deposit it completed with the admission documents, a photo 2 x 2 of the family member and original birth certificates, both yours and your sibling's or brother's. For more information, you can contact the Student Services Department, 309 Extension.

The family discounts of which you are a beneficiary are the following:

  • 15% for all graduates who enroll in a regular academic program of degree or postgraduate
  • 15% for siblings of graduates, from the third, enrolled in a degree program
  • 10% for the first child of graduates and 15% for children of graduates from the second who enroll in a degree program.
  • 10% for graduates who enroll in any Permanent Education program.

Library Services

As a member of our community, you are a beneficiary of the various services offered by the Emilio Rodríguez Demorizi Library. You can freely dispose of:

  • External loan of up to three (3) titles simultaneously of works of the general collection
  • Remote access, through special password assignment, to scientific and technological information databases
  • Bibliographic research service.
  • Sending through e-mail the full text of articles of periodicals registered in the databases ALERTA and BANAL

Discounts at commercial establishments affiliated with the INTEC Alumni Card

We have a large number of stores and services that offer INTEC graduates attractive discounts when presenting their Graduate Card.