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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

I do not have much, but I want to make a difference

A few RD $ 150 monthly from just 400 graduates cover the higher education of two outstanding students with limited resources who will surely support similar causes in the future, thus contributing to the continuous progress of our country.

Why does INTEC need my support?

INTEC has no owner. Throughout its 40 years of foundation it has remained as a non-profit organization, a community and alumni patrimony, and receives a fraction of its income from the State. The contributions of donors, whether companies or individuals, graduates or not, are for specific projects and infrastructure. Tuition maintains the university, but it is necessary to grow.

The INTEC depends on private donors to support the rest of its programs, from the PIES scholarships, laboratories, new infrastructures and conditioning of special areas and projects, essential to maintain the quality of teaching in our institution.

Can I donate in the name of another person or a group?

Yes. Donations can be made in groups, in commemoration of anniversaries (such as the Engineering '85 Scholarship), leaving more than one footprint at INTEC.

Can I make an anonymous donation?

Yes. Those who prefer anonymity are also accepted in our hive. We respect the need for privacy if the donor so wishes.

Why is it important to donate as graduates?

The Board of Directors is formed and elected by a vote of the graduates for their proven and shown interest in returning to this generation a promise for the future.

It is important to donate as a graduate because:

  • It is a way to bond with the university to enjoy services for graduates, while also building a bridge of solidarity for new generations to pursue a career.
  • Potential donors take into consideration the support of graduates and other donors to decide which causes to support.
  • The demonstration of the commitment of our graduates strengthens the reputation of INTEC and, therefore, increases the value of their university degrees.

In 1972, a dream came true with the creation of INTEC. Today it is your turn to renew it by leaving more than one footprint in the INTEC, a history of change.

"The Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Doming was an old idea that emerged everywhere. A common dream for people who may never have seen each other and that having fulfilled their mission, may not see each other later, "said Ramón Flores, one of the founders and the first rector, at the beginning of the 1970 decade. Today, this same dream needs the faith and support of new founders of ideas.