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The INTEC University Cinema Room will be a meeting space that will preserve its original characteristics of use in academic, artistic and cultural activities, and will have the additional benefit of being a fully equipped film screening room for high quality film presentations.

Medical simulation laboratory

Medical simulation laboratory

The Medical Simulations Laboratory (SIMLAB) of Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) is a space for the teaching and simulated practice of Medicine, with the support of software and other audiovisual feedback systems, aimed at the management of the critical patient in the prehospital and in-hospital environment. SIMLAB operates as an Training Center authorized by the American Heart Association (AHA) and a chapter in the Dominican Republic of the International Trauma Life Support (ITLS).

The SIMLAB has 6 classrooms with the function of office, hospital room, emergency room, prehospital setting, Intensive Care Unit / Cardiovascular, teaching and debriefing room, with the ability of direct immersion of the student, who will acquire skills and competencies for patient care both stable and critical.
The laboratory will be equipped for simulation of semiology, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and advanced cardiovascular care, basic and advanced patient care of trauma, endotracheal intubation and technical skills, such as venous puncture, arterial puncture, venoclysis, vaginal and rectal tact, episorrhaphy, lumbar puncture , thoracic decompression, otoscopy, ophthalmoscopy, minimal thoracostomy, ekg, etc.
The SIMLAB allows the INTEC student an immersion in patient care in a safe environment that allows mistakes to be made without risking the physical and emotional well-being of the patient such as the doctor in training.