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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

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We look for strategic allies in the construction of a more competitive country. With the execution of the Infrastructure Master Plan, INTEC will double its capacity to provide professionals of global excellence to Dominican society.

"What makes a good professional is not the title, but his / her ability to face needs within his / her area of ​​competence and to resolve them with the means available in a society like ours."

Eduardo Latorre
Founder and Past Rector of INTEC

The INTEC build a dream to change lives. In XNUMX the founders of INTEC were the guarantee so that the university could be recognized in the national education system. Today, our more than XNUMX graduates have built on our reputation, many with an exceptional career, beyond the territory of the Dominican Republic.

The 2017 Strategic Plan of the INTEC considers as one of its fundamental axes the development of a Master Infrastructure Plan, through which our laboratories, classrooms and other academic and research spaces will be resized in the light of international standards.

Our plan demands sufficient resources for its sustainable financing and the result will strengthen the quality of teaching by providing it with an academic environment with cutting-edge technology, high-level teachers and the possibility of international exchanges.