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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

To contribute so that others grow, is like giving a good soil to a seed, which multiplies its fruits as it grows. Investment in quality education has a high rate of return and a direct social impact through the graduates we teach. We change the lives of our young people, who improve the lives of others.

Throughout our history, countless people and organizations have supported and support INTEC as a way to invest in the education of excellence of young people in the Dominican Republic. Outstanding students from schools and colleges across the country have the opportunity in the INTEC Program with Outstanding Students (PIES) to access high quality professional training and high social commitment. During its 30 years, PIES has awarded recognition to more than two thousand students who have demonstrated their academic excellence.

Through the PIES dozens of companies and public and private institutions, as well as people interested in supporting Dominican education of excellence, join their efforts with INTEC in a strategic action of social responsibility that is renewed every year with testimonies of success and improvement.

PIES promotes that each sponsor establishes a real follow-up and link with each fellow, for which the INTEC promotes social encounters between the youth and their sponsors, to whom we inform about the academic performance of their beneficiaries.