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XXIII Edition A Day with an Author and his Work recognizes Manuel Mora Serrano

A day with an author and their work
Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo INTEC

Rector's words
Dr. Rolando M. Guzmán

November 2017


Distinguished members of the Board of Regents and Academic Council of INTEC
Dear managers, teachers, students and other members of the Intecian community
Dear professors and students from other institutions
Dear author Manuel Mora Serrano and dear relatives and associates who accompany him,
Ladies and Gentlemen


Once again, we gather in this room to pay tribute to the example of an outstanding personality whose life represents a model of human values, scientific contributions, or artistic achievement. It is an event that we have held for several years, and in which we have had the joy of finding a diversity of talents that dazzle and inspire us. On this occasion, we are pleased to celebrate the life and work of the narrator, essayist, literary researcher and lawyer, Manuel Mora Serrano.

Interestingly, we honor a person who has dedicated much of his effort to the honor of others and whose research has helped rescue many authors whose works might be forgotten were it not for his righteous pen. We also recognize a figure who developed a good part of his work in the interior of the country, sometimes away from the noise of urban centers, and that perhaps that is why he has given us a contribution in which an intimate connection with the dominicanity. And, of course, through Mora Serrano we are also paying homage to the memory of Juan Sanchez Lamouth, Domingo Moreno Jimenez and many other names to whose exegesis Don Manuel has dedicated effort.

These elements make this moment a special occasion for the entire intetian community, and for the institutions that accompany us in this act of recognition. We feel that in the work of our honoree the essence of the Dominican is rarely reflected, an essence that reaches its greatest poetic expression in the enigmatic figure of the ciguapa, which, like the people, seems to walk in the opposite direction to the sense in which moves.

I must also say, however, that the literary dimension is only one of the facets that make up this exemplary life. In the following minutes, we will also appreciate the human being and celebrate the philosophy of life of those who refer to themselves in the following way: “Without a doubt, I was fortunate to have known sincere friendship and true love: common achievements that not all men have enjoyed or suffered, until the end of my last days wrapped in the aroma of a poetic illusion ”(I close the quote).

Throughout the morning, we will also learn about his proverbial humility, which gives rise to existential doubts such as the following: “I don't know if I deserve the title of poet or writer. These things, like everything in life, are known over time: long after death. I have had a monotonous life, like all life, but at the same time exciting, like all life. I could summarize it by saying that I have simply been a collector of emotions ”(I close the quote).

Thank you, Don Manuel, for sharing your emotions with us through your work. And to conclude, let me assure you that for INTEC, its status as a great writer is beyond doubt. A writer whose work serves as an example for us and, through this recognition, we hope to make it an example for many other people who may not have known it until today.

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy this event and have a happy rest of the day.

Thank you so much!