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XIX Edition A Day with an Author and his Work recognizes José Antonio Molina

A day with an author and their work
Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo INTEC

Rector's words
Dr. Rolando M. Guzmán


Distinguished members of the Board of Regents and Academic Council of INTEC
Dear managers, professors, students, graduates and other members of the inteciana community
Dear professors and students from other institutions
Dear teacher Jose Antonio Molina, His honorable parents, children and wife
Ladies and Gentlemen

I am not in the habit of using this podium to discuss personal matters. On this occasion, however, I request your consent to share an individual story that I think may be relevant for the reason that brings us together. Just two nights ago, my wife and I attended a symphony concert that I do not hesitate to describe as a memorable experience. For the sake of brevity, I will only refer to the coupling of the musicians, the harmony of the choir, the impressive voice of the tenor (which seems to improve over the years), and the virtuosity of two wonderful sopranos.

But among so many points of light, the brightest star was undoubtedly the Director of the Orchestra. His grace was impressive; his enthusiasm seemed contagious; its dynamism was exciting. Each movement of his hands gave the impression of being a decisive gesture and his leadership hung in the air like an invisible smoke that made us all, known and unknown, part of a great community. The audience appreciated his talent with recurring applause for more than two hours.

My wife and I left the room with the sense of fullness that only art produces in the human brain, and after a certain silence, she summarized her thoughts with a few words. "The man is really impressive," I think he said, to which I responded with another equally concise phrase: "Like a stick, like a splinter," I think I said. There was no need to indicate who the man was, nor the sticks, nor the splinter, because for both of them that was very clear. And it is that, certainly, like his parents, the Master José Antonio Molina is an artist out of the ordinary.

That is why today, as we dedicate this morning to the celebration of his work, we do so out of a sense of gratitude. Thanks to the Master, for sharing his talent with us; thank you for being an example of passionate creativity; And thank you for making us feel so proud of being, as we are, Dominican men and women. And thanks to all of you, for sharing this moment with us. Thank you very much!