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Outstanding Alumni Award 2015


November 05th 2015

Rector's words
Rolando M. Guzmán 


Ladies and gentlemen, members of the Board of Regents
Ladies and gentlemen, members of the Academic Council
Executives, teachers and collaborators of INTEC
Appreciated outstanding and related graduates
Distinguished special guests
Ladies and Gentlemen:


With an inevitable feeling of pride, tonight we continue the institutional tradition of recognizing the exceptional performance of INTEC graduates. It is a tradition that has reached its ninth installment and that each time revives in our hearts, as if for the first time, the firm commitment to academic excellence. It is exciting to meet each year to recognize the bees that after graduation continue to fly and spread the pollen of scientific rigor, social responsibility, solidarity, continuous innovation and integrity that distinguishes our hive around the world.

A quick look at the results of this award over time shows us the richness and human variety that our most outstanding graduates represent. Among them we find from doctors to engineers; from entrepreneurs to social workers; from artists to congressmen; from ministers to athletes; and from the opposition candidate to the President of the Republic, to name just a few. In short: the outstanding graduates of INTEC contribute in a thousand and one ways, each equally valuable, to make the world in which we live become a better world. 

But it is convenient to clarify that this reality is not the result of chance, but rather the result of an institutional mystique that is transmitted from Inteciano to Inteciano throughout the generations. From the day of its birth, our university has taken seriously the statutory mandate of being a development entity at the service of society, and that is why each graduate is the spokesperson for an institution where time is valued as if it were of a treasure, where creativity is encouraged as if it were a basic necessity, where freedom of thought is respected like a mantra, and where everyone recognizes that their value as a person depends largely on their respect for others .   

Tonight's seven awardees are an example of that vision of life. They were selected from a group of almost 50 people who were nominated, and they were weighed by a jury made up of university authorities and external personalities of unquestionable prestige. The quality of this jury and the rigorousness of the process give us the certainty that each of the winners has had a career that we can feel satisfied with and that we can display before the country as a sample of the international spirit.  

Therefore, on behalf of INTEC, I congratulate them for their achievements, both to them and to their associates, and I extend our congratulations to the other nominees and nominees who were not selected on this occasion but could well be at a future time. Thank you, outstanding graduates and outstanding graduates, for helping us fulfill the mission of being a plural university community, committed to the formation of citizens of integrity, capable and globally competitive, and for approaching our aspiration to be recognized, nationally and internationally, as a university model.

Good night!