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Words in Anniversary 46 ° of the INTEC

Act of Hoisting of Flags

46 Anniversary of the INTEC, 09 of October of 2018

Rector's words 
Dr. Rolando M. Guzmán


Appreciated intecianas, esteemed intecianos,

On behalf of all of you, I am very grateful to Margarita (Rodriguez), Elsida (Torres) and Maite (Duquela) for having described to us, with such sincere words, the nature of their relationship with our institution, from the perspectives of the professor, of the collaborator and the student. It is evident that each Intecian and each Inteciana has very own feelings about INTEC, depending in large part on their life trajectory and on the way and when they arrived at this university.

I imagine that for some, entering INTEC was the realization of a great dream; Others, perhaps, entered INTEC believing that they found a simple job, and only later discovered that they had found much more. But what does it mean, in general, to be an Intecian? What does it mean to be an inteciana?

Everyone has their own answer. However, regardless of the differences, I would dare to conjecture some common features that distinguish us as a community. A first attribute is the commitment of the intecianos with the future of our country. A second attribute is the commitment to excellence. A third attribute is the ability to take on challenges.

A fourth intellectual trait is the permanent appetite for change and innovation. And a fifth attribute is the sense of history: the belief, perhaps the certainty that we are part of an educational project with a vocation for transcendence; that we are heirs to the efforts of many exceptional people and that we therefore have a moral obligation to leave an increased heritage for generations to come.

These five things, in my opinion, are what define INTEC, and these are the attributes that have allowed us to get to the point where we are. Yesterday we were a small entity; today we are a strong and vibrant entity. Tomorrow we will be even stronger. Because continuous growth, the assumption of challenges, continuous improvement, are in INTEC's DNA.

Intecianos and Intecianos, happy rest of the day!