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Words of Welcome to the President of the Republic, Danilo Medina

Mr. President of the Republic, Danilo Medina
Gentlemen government officials
Madam President of the Board of Regents, Ana María Ramos
Members of the Board of Regents and the Extended Academic Council of INTEC Past rectors, authorities, professors, students and collaborators of our university
Friends present.

I confess that I feel VERY excited about the opportunity to present to you the most outstanding product of our university, Bachelor of Economics Matricula 1985, outstanding graduate 2010, President of the Republic 2012, Lic. Danilo Medina. It is a memorable occasion, which I interpret as a clear expression of the fulfillment of our university Mission, which demands that we contribute to the development of society by training upright and capable citizens.

As you will recall, just a year ago we had the opportunity to receive Lic. Medina in his capacity as presidential candidate. On that occasion, we were impressed by the masterful description of his vision for government. Today we receive him as Head of State, and in full exercise of a public policy agenda that we desire, hope and trust ends up being a model of excellence.

During this visit, Mr. President has had a brief working meeting with the Executive Committee of the Board of Regents, with the Rector and with the Vice-Rectors, and we have had the opportunity to present him with an overview of the university's initiatives, especially of those that have special interest for public policies. We have expressed our interest and our ability to faithfully fulfill the role of academic, scientific and technological arm in the development of its government program, for the benefit of Dominican society, especially the most deprived.

On the other hand, immediately after this brief intervention on my part, the President will proceed to proceed to the symbolic signature of an Agreement through which he becomes, in his personal capacity and as a graduate, a donor of the INTEC program with outstanding students, FEET. Through this agreement, any person can contribute a small monthly amount as a contribution to the financing of the aforementioned program. It is our intention that this gesture by Mr. President serves as a stimulus to thousands of graduates of our university, to join this solidarity network, aware that “education (and, specifically, quality education) is the other name of freedom ”.

Mr. President, on behalf of the entire international community, please receive a warm welcome to your home. Know that it is not lost on the fact that this is your first visit to a university for purely academic purposes, and we deeply appreciate such a display of distinction. And upon receiving you, allow me to express our full agreement with you with six words of yours that still resonate in this room:

"This is / the moment / of INTEC."

"This is / the moment / of INTEC."