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Organic Chemistry Laboratory


The INTEC Organic Chemistry laboratory is an academic space where we have the necessary equipment for the practical study of knowledge related to this area of ​​knowledge. The facilities enable the development of a certain number of practices, where we have four work groups for the development of the practices of the subject, in addition to the tools that will allow the identification, quantification and/or qualitative-quantitative determination of various organic compounds. 

The Laboratory's teaching is aimed at the following careers: 

  • Medicine 
  • Dentistry 
  • Degree in biotechnology 
  • Education Oriented Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry 
  • Bachelor of Education Oriented Biology 
  • Environmental Engineering (2+2 Program) PSU (IAP)  
  • Biological Engineering (2+2) PSU (INB)  
  • Energy Engineering (2+2) PSU (IEE) (INE)  
  • Energy Engineering (2+2) PSU (IEE) (INE)  
  • Chemical Engineering (2+2) WMU (INQ) 

Each Laboratory taught has a specific program that governs which practices will be taught in said class, which is divided as follows: 

Organic Chemistry I: 

  • Molecular models I 
  • Determination of melting points 
  • simple crystallization 
  • Distillation and boiling point 
  • chromatography 
  • Identification of unsaturated compounds 
  • acetylene synthesis 
  • iodoform synthesis 
  • Property of alcohols 

Organic Chemistry II: 

  • Molecular models II 
  • Characterization of aldehydes and ketones 
  • Synthesis of acetylsalicylic acid 
  • Obtaining esters 
  • Saponification 
  • Cannizzaro's reaction 
  • Acetanilide synthesis 
  • Identification of functional groups I and II 
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  • Responsible: Carmen Hernandez