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Power Laboratory (LPOT)


Our space provides services in the educational area and engineering careers that include the study of electricity in their program, seeking the practical development of the theoretical knowledge learned in the subjects and, for this purpose, we have state-of-the-art equipment, software for national and international use, various materials and support for the development of projects assigned during the degree. Creating a learning environment through contact and maneuverability of all these elements with which the laboratory is supplied. 

In our educational offer we have the laboratories of: 

  • Electrical Circuits: this laboratory offers practices in direct and alternating current circuits, automation, basic electronics, combinational digital electronics, learning directly about materials and devices for electrical use.
  • Electrical Efficiency: we have state-of-the-art equipment with a complete variety to satisfy all practices and studies with the purpose of obtaining the highest level of training in conducting energy studies.  
  • Electrical Installations: Dedicated to practical learning of a residential electrical installation in modules suitable for these practices.  
  • Automation and Home Automation: the student develops in electromechanical systems and automata, of discrete and programmable elements, using electrical, mechanical, control and starting educational modules of the different types of motors through analog and digital systems. Use of programmable tools and equipment for the execution of automated and intelligent projects.  
  • Power Systems: the student body learns to carry out simulations with the DigSilent software; acquiring the ability to analyze the electrical system that is used in the entities of the national electrical sector. 
  • Communications: This laboratory combines simulations and practices with the use of equipment and tools; simulations with software such as MatLab to model communication systems in electrical networks and practices with tools and equipment to verify the status of communication lines and wiring. 

  • Team Assembly: our laboratories are supported by educational modules developed by our students under the supervision and quality care of our teachers. Being these modules used to teach practical classes.
  • Renewable Energies: through the wind and photovoltaic educational module, the student will carry out manual practices, making connections and interconnecting the different types of generations. Acquire the knowledge to calculate and dimension renewable systems with tools such as Excel.
  • Control Systems: with the use of Simulink, MatLab and LabView tools, the student learns the management of systems of interconnected elements, manipulating variables that satisfy a need, obtaining practical learning in the development of applications for daily use and innovation. 
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Responsible: Giuseppe Sbriz
Phone: 809-567-9271, Ext: 398
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  • Responsible: Giuseppe Sbriz
  • ext: 398