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Nanotechnology Laboratory


The Nanotechnology Laboratory focuses mainly on research in basic sciences and its links with teaching, companies and scientific service to the community. This one investigates in material sciences with application in Energy, Pollution and Multifunctional Nanomaterials and is directed to the understanding of the properties that emerge at the nano level and of the structures, differentiated from others at the micro level; In this sense, the laboratory investigates these properties in materials for batteries, treatment of contaminated water and ferromagnetism.


X-ray diffractometer (XDR):

It is a general purpose x-ray diffractometer that allows obtaining the spectrum of samples in crystalline phases for the identification and quantification of the composition of the material present. 
Services with XRD equipment:

  • Identification of inorganic compounds.
  • Identification of crystalline phases.
  • Analysis of the crystalline structure.
  • Microstress and crystal size.
  • Crystallinity percentage.
  • Thin film analysis.
  • Orientation of fibers and polymers.
  • Residual stress analysis.
  • Identification of solid particles emitted to the environment

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM):

This microscope generates images by interacting electrons with samples of up to 0.5nm resolution. It has the versatility of being able to work at high pressure, low pressure and ambient. It also allows chemical analysis on different areas, lines and points in the sample. 
SEM team services:

  • Images and topographic information at the millimeter, micrometer and manometric level
  • Morphologies of conductive, non-conductive and biological samples.
  • Elemental chemical analysis using EDX spectroscopy (Energy Dispersive X-Ray spectroscopy).
  • Image and Mapping of elemental composition.
  • Analysis of micro and nanostructures.
  • Images to biological samples.

Gamry 3000 Analyzer:

It is a high performance potentiostat, suitable for research and service to industries in batteries, capacitors and supercapacitors. It is also suitable for general electrochemistry experiments that require high voltages and high currents. For current applications up to 20A. 
Gamry 3000 Services:

  • Measurement of Electrochemistry in General.
  • Pulse volt-amperemetry.
  • Measurement of corrosion rate by potentiodynamic polarization in corrosive media.
  • Electrochemical energy.
  • Electrochemical frequency modulation.
  • Electrochemical noise.
  • Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.

Controlled atmosphere glove box (Glove Box):

A glove box is a sealed cabinet or container that is part of the laboratory equipment. It is designed to allow manipulation of objects when environmental control is desired. 
Glove Box services:

  • Isolation of sample in inert atmosphere.
  • Manufacture of lithium batteries.
  • I work with thin films.
  • Medical devices.
  • Substances and specialized chemical processes that require control of Oxygen and Hydrogen.
  • Pharmaceutical industry.
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Responsible: Melvin Arias
Phone: 809-567-9271, Ext: 397
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  • Responsible: Melvin Arias
  • ext: 397