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Soil Mechanics and Construction Materials (LMS) Laboratory


The Laboratory offers both teaching support and services to private companies and professionals in the engineering area. These services are intended to contribute to the proper performance of civil engineering projects and are related to studies, designs, supervision, and quality control in the areas of soil mechanics, construction materials, hydraulic concrete, and asphalt. 

We have the qualification of the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (DGRS) "Qualified laboratory for carrying out geotechnical tests and construction materials".  

The Laboratory offers the following services:

  • Broken Concrete Specimens 
  • Strength of hardened concrete non-destructive method 
  • angels wear 
  • Hydraulic Concrete Batching Design 
  • In situ concrete temperature 
  • Taking concrete samples in situ 
  • In situ slump 
  • Field density nuclear method 
  • SUCS soil classification 
  • Physical Properties Soils 
    • Humidity 
    • Fino 
    • Granulometry 
    • Atterberg limits 
    • Proctor 
    • CBR 
  • simple compression 
  • Consolidation 

In the laboratory, practices related to the subject Construction Materials are taught: 

  • Granulometric analysis by sieving (ref. ASTM C-136) 
  • Specific gravity and absorption of coarse aggregates (ref. ASTM C - 127) 
  • Specific gravity and absorption of fine aggregates (ref. ASTM C - 128) 
  • Preparation of concrete mix and slump (ref. ASTM C-143) 
  • Unit weight or compacted volumetric density of coarse aggregate (ref. ASTM C-29) 
  • Loose Unit Weight of Aggregates (ref. ASTM C-29) 
  • Concrete mix design problem  
  • Los Angeles wear test (abrasion percentage) (ref. ASTM C-131) 

In addition to practices related to the subject Soil Mechanics:

  • Sieve granulometric analysis (ref. ASTM D6913) 
  • Specific gravity of solid particles (ref. ASTM D854) 
  • Particle size analysis by sedimentation (ref. ASTM D7928) 
  • Consistency or Atterberg limits (ref. ASTM D4318) 
  • Proctor test (ref. ASTM D1557) 
  • Unit weight of soils in the field (ref. ASTM D2167) 
  • Permeability test (ref. ASTM D2434) 
  • Simple compression test (ref. ASTM D2166) 



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Responsible: Edgar Stefan | Marlene Perez
Phone: 809-567-9271, Ext: 476
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  • Responsible: Edgar Stefan | Marlene Perez
  • ext: 476