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Thermal Engineering Laboratory (LIT)


We are a team that since 2013 has been dedicated to the study and teaching of applied thermal sciences as a specialized subdiscipline of Mechanical Engineering. Our branches of knowledge are Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, as well as their applications in engineering; We are linked to both the academic and industrial fields, seeking to contribute to innovation in both renewable and conventional energy projects. 

We seek to be the preferred academic ally of the business sector, social organizations, as well as students, professors and collaborators. To be the example to follow among the INTEC Engineering Laboratories with the most effective leadership style, the best technological infrastructure and the highest efficiency in its processes. 

In addition, to be a space that inspires the creation of knowledge, innovation and excellence to contribute to the sustainable development of society. 

In the laboratory, the practices of subjects corresponding to: 

  • Fluid Mechanics Laboratory II              
  • Thermodynamics Laboratory II       
  • Heat Transfer Laboratory                  
  • Instrumentation and Measurements                
  • Modeling and Simulation 
  • Control of Dynamic Systems          
  • Internal combustion engines                      
  • Virtual Instrumentation (LabVIEW)                   

The laboratory's research and consulting areas include: 

  • Advanced Engineering Services. 
  • Consulting and Project Management. 
  • Course in Virtual Instrumentation (LabVIEW) 



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Contact us

Responsible: Juan Castellanos
Phone: 809-567-9271, Ext: 321, 495
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  • Responsible: Juan Castellanos
  • Ext: 321, 495