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Geology Laboratory (LG)


The Geology Laboratory of the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo Its general purpose is for the student to become familiar with the geological foundations and applications in the field of Civil Engineering.

Its vision is to be a highly recognized laboratory in the country for the quality of its services and the use of state-of-the-art technology, governed by the most rigorous national and international standards, to train professionals capable of providing solutions to geological challenges during the construction of a civil work.

The Geology Laboratory of the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo, provides an academic service, in which the objective of satisfying the internship needs of students who are studying Geology prevails, which is currently taught as one of the subjects that is part of the Civil Engineering career program.

contacto-5e03d0ac Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo - Laboratorio de Geología (LG)


Responsible: Juana Annette Suardi
Phone: 809-567-9271, Ext: 385
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photo-1516387938699-a93567ec168e Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo - Geology Laboratory (LG)

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  • Responsible: Juana Annette Suardi
  • 809-404-5397
  • ext: 385