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Industrial Automation Laboratory (LAI)


The Industrial Automation Laboratory is a specialized laboratory where practices and projects are carried out aimed at automation processes and control of industrial systems, using mechanical, electrical, electronic, robotic and computer devices.  

With the aim of complementing the professional training of students in Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electronic Engineering, with theory put into practice regarding the automation of industrial processes. Reducing with this the gap between the theory of university teaching and the reality of the labor industry. 

It provides INTEC students with industrial automation devices (fischertechnik scale modeling parts, industrial sensors, electric motors, relays, electric switches, programmable logic controllers, regulators, valves and pneumatic cylinders, etc.), necessary to carry out the practices and final projects of the subject Automation of Industrial Processes. Thus providing students with automation experiences very similar to the real ones existing in the labor industry. 

Among the practices taught are: 

  • Automation through wired logic (sensors, relays, etc.). 
  • Automation through Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). 
  • Introduction to pneumatics. 
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Responsible: Jose Rafael Silva Archetti
Phone: 809-567-9271, Ext: 472
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  • Responsible: José Rafael Silva Archetti
  • ext: 472