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The mission of the INTEC Remote Sensing Laboratory is to contribute to decision-making about the use and management of the territory, the environment and natural resources of the Dominican Republic through the contribution of qualified personnel, accurate data and appropriate analysis for each situation. uses remote images (aerial photos, satellite images, etc.) as well as other sources of information to build maps linked to spatial databases, commonly known as geographic information systems. The laboratory carries out its own research projects and also provides their services to external projects that require it. In addition, the laboratory works for the propagation of the use of geographic information systems in the country through training in these topics.


Consultancies that require geographic information systems, including analysis of georeferenced databases, territorial information crosses, or other knowledge linked to geomatics. This includes elaboration of digital thematic maps and georeferenced databases for certain applications.

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Contact us

Responsible: Yolanda León
Phone: 809-567-9271, Ext: 426
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If you are a teacher, student or collaborator, you can request access to tools and data of interest from this and other laboratories.

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  • Responsible: Yolanda Leon
  • Assistant: Adria Terrero
  • ext: 426