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Mechatronics Laboratory (LIMC)


The Mechatronics laboratory focuses on providing an ideal environment for practical study, research projects, and consulting services in the use and implementation of smart devices, automated manufacturing, autonomous machine design, robotics, energy efficiency, and other auxiliary technologies that allow providing solutions to highly complex engineering problems of benefit to the entire intecian population and society. 

The laboratory's teaching, research and consulting areas include: 

  • Control of electromechanical systems and Servo mechanisms 
  • Embedded 
  • Microcontrollers and PLCs 
  • Motor control 
  • Electro-hydraulic and electro-pneumatic systems 
  • Autonomous Machines and Robotics 
  • machine vision 
contacto-5e03d0ac Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo - Laboratorio de Mecatrónica (LIMC)

Contact us

Responsible: Armando Jose Taveras Cruz
Phone: 809-567-9271, Ext: 427
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Are you a member of the intecian community?

If you are a teacher, student or collaborator, you can request access to tools and data of interest from this and other laboratories.

Note: To access you need your institutional user account and password.

  • Responsible: Armando José Taveras Cruz
  • ext: 427