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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Equipment and services

Permanent Education constitutes an academic, practical and fundamental training tool, necessary for updating practicing professionals. We are known for maintaining an attractive, innovative and high quality offer in its different modalities (diplomas, courses, workshops, national and international seminars). It maintains a permanent offer of courses and diplomas for the general public and, additionally, it offers services to companies such as training and development of its staff at its facilities (In-House Programs).

In-House Programs

They are programs developed and designed tailored to companies, which are taught at their facilities, to respond to the real and potential needs of organizations in a dynamic, flexible and efficient way, within the framework of our quality policy and complying with with the standards of customer service. These programs correspond to topics selected by the institutions of our Program Offering. They can also carry out adaptations and modifications, upon request, in the form of seminars, courses, diplomas, and conferences.

International Programs

You have the option of pursuing innovative undergraduate and postgraduate programs, through our agreements with prestigious international universities.

Institutional Mobility

It is the program that allows active undergraduate and graduate students, teachers and collaborators of INTEC to have the opportunity to enrich their training and develop new skills out of their comfort zone.