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How to apply?

    1. Be a Dominican, son of a Dominican or foreign legal resident. In case of not being Dominican, the participant must include among their documents a copy of the birth certificate or birth certificate of the father / mother who validates that he / she is Dominican.

    2. Have completed and passed at least three (3) degrees of the Secondary Level (3º, 4º, 5º and 6º, First and Second Cycles, respectively); the last of which must have been made in the Dominican Republic.

    3. Be studying the last year of Secondary Education (Baccalaureate), either in the Academic or Technical-Professional Modality. If the Secondary is completed, the interested party is allowed to participate as long as it does not exceed the maximum time - one (1) year - of his leaving the school. In this case, you must present the record of grades that includes the years of the Secondary Level (3º, 4º, 5º and 6º).

    4. Have obtained, during grades 3º, 4º, 5º and 6º of the Secondary Level (previous 1ro, 2do, 3ro and 4to Bach.), A minimum average of ninety (90) points in the subjects Spanish Language, Mathematics, Nature Sciences and Social Sciences in each semester (See Table 1).

    5. Have obtained, during grades 3º, 4º, 5º and 6º of the Secondary Level, a minimum of eighty (80) points in each of the rest of the Subjects taken in every semester

      Calculation of the average of the basic subjects *
      Course: First of Baccalaureate
      Subjects 1er
      Spanish language 93 96
      Maths 85 88
      natural Sciences 94 93
      social Sciences 90 91
      Average 90.5 92
      * This calculation should be considered in each of the courses of the baccalaureate.

    Please note: The grades of the 6º grade of the Secondary Level (4to of baccalaureate) must be sent at the end of the school year and must meet the requirements mentioned above.

    • To duly complete the Admissions Form online and select in Type of Candidate the option: "Participation FEET".
    • To make the form valid, you must deliver the required documents to the Scholarship Unit (it is not necessary to print the form):
      • Record of original notes, stamped and signed by the educational center, from the 3º grade of the First Cycle-Secondary Level to the 5º degree of the Second Cycle-Secondary Level (previous 1ro to 3ro Baccalaureate), or up to the 6º degree of the Second Cycle-Secondary Level (previous 4to Bach.), if finished.
      • One (1) copy of the Birth Certificate.
      • Two (2) 2 * 2 cm photos, front.
      • Three (3) 2 * 2 cm photos, in front, in case the selected career is Medicine or Dentistry.
    • These documents will be refined for evaluation purposes.
    • If you are a college student, you must pay the Admission rights with a cost of (RD $ 1,100.00 pesos) and the Academic Aptitude Test (PAA) (US $ 35.00 dollars or the equivalent of the day rate in pesos).
    • If you are a high school or polytechnic student, you are exempt from making these payments. However, you must enroll in the Academic Aptitude Test (PAA).
    • Once you deposit the required documents to participate, ask about the PAA Test registration process, where they will indicate the date, place and conditions in which you must present yourself.
    • Remember to download the study guide so you can prepare to take the test. Learn more details in the "Study Guide" tab.
  • Steps to take admission test PAA - Academic Aptitude Test of the College Board for Scholarships PIES

    • Mathematical reasoning: Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics and Probability.
    • Verbal reasoning: Critical reading, completing the meaning of a sentence, analogical reasoning and indirect writing.
    • Indirect Drafting: Recognize errors in the sentence and improve sentences and paragraphs.

    STEP 1: Complete the application form for admission ONLINE and deliver the documents in the Scholarship Unit.

    • Admissions Form
    • Participation Requirements (1era. Pestana)
    • Procedure to apply (2da. Pestana)

    STEP 2: Pay the test in the Main Box - The Founders Building.

    • If you are a high school or polytechnic student, you are exempt from making the payment. However, you must follow STEP 3.
    • If you are a college student, make the payment of US $ 35.00 (or the equivalent of the day rate in pesos). Also, you must pay the Right of Admission (RD $ 1,000.00)
    • Building Box The Founders: Monday to Friday from 8: 00 am to 5: 00 pm

    STEP 3: Download Study Guide and sign up.

    • Download Study guide. It is essential that you read it to take the test.
    • Enroll in the test in the Scholarship Unit with your pink payment receipt if you are a college student, as this confirms your payment. Students of high schools or polytechnics at the time of depositing the participation documents should procure their vouchers for registration purposes in the Scholarship offices. From Monday to Friday, from 9: 00 am to 5: 00 pm
    • Verify that they give you a ticket with the schedule and the classroom of the test.
    • Read and practice the exercises in the guide. You can not use calculator or dictionaries.

    STEP 4: Attend the day of the test.

    • Schedule the date of the test. Date: Saturday March 30, 2019. Hour: 12:00 m.
    • Bring an identity document that has your photo and your personal information (student card with photo, ID, driver's license, passport, medical insurance). Anyone with a recent photo
    • Be punctual and bring a coat or jacket for the cold, as it could be a distraction.
    • Verify in your map where is the test building.
    • The materials for the realization of the test, such as: erasers, pencils and pencil sharpeners, will be provided at the time of the test.
    • The use of dictionaries, calculators, or electronic devices is not allowed.
    • If you have a cell phone, it must remain off and stored during the entire evaluation process. If a cell phone vibrates or an alarm sounds, the test will be canceled.


    The results obtained in the PAA are only a part of the requirements of the selection process of the young PIES. The averages of the Secondary Level form an essential part for the correct decision making; as well as the interviews and specific tests in the careers that warrant it, with which the Program process is completed.

    For more information on the PAA:
    Phone: (809) 567-9271 Extensions .: 267 / 368
    E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.