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Public institutions

Regional Directorate of Health I, Valdesia and the Primary Care Units (UNAP'S) and Municipal Hospitals of the Province of Peravia


Establish the bases of a mutual collaboration between INTEC, THE REGIONAL HEALTH SERVICE (SRS), REGION I, VALDESIA and the PRIMARY CARE UNITS (UNAP's), and THE MUNICIPAL HOSPITALS OF VILLA FUNDACIÓN AND NIZAO OF THE PERAVIA PROVINCE (Don Gregorio, Pizarrete, Paya, Santana, Boca Canasta, El Llana, Villa Fundación, Matanzas, Sombrero, Cañafistol, Quija Quieta, Las Calderas, Los Tumbaos, Sabana Buey, Catalina, Mata Gorda, Escondido, Arroyo Hondo and the municipal hospitals of Nizao, Villa Foundation and the Provincial Hospital of Nuestra Señora de Regla), hereinafter "THE UNAP'S AND THE MUNICIPAL HOSPITALS", to carry out joint activities in the fields of training that include internships, student rotation, endorsement of medical specialties, as well as in the area of ​​joint research and scientific dissemination, permanent education as well as other extension activities in all those areas of reciprocal interest inherent to its objectives and functions, with a view to achieving its goals and the rational use of its resources.