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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Dr. Altagracia López

2001 until 2004

Dr. Altagracia López

Rector during the period 2002-2005, María Altagracia López Ferreiras has a long institutional career that has allowed her to perform at INTEC the functions of professor, director of the Propedeutic Cycle, Dean of Sciences and Humanities, Academic Vice-Rector before occupying the Rectory . Currently, she is the Director of the Center for Innovation in Higher Education (CINNES-INTEC).

As an expert in Education, she also advises the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MESCYT) and participates in the National Commission for Five-Year Evaluation and monitoring of Dominican universities. She is a professor and thesis advisor in the Doctorate in Educational Leadership at Nova Southeastern University (NSU).

His training includes a Bachelor's Degree in Pure Mathematics and another in Education with a Mathematical mention from the Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University. She has a Master's degree in Administration and Planning of Higher Education from INTEC and a Doctorate in Education from Nova Southeastern University (NSU).

He has carried out individually or as a team various research projects, including the Study on Dropout, repetition and efficiency of the degree in Dominican Higher Education, for the MESCYT in 2009, the 2007 Report of the Dominican Republic in Education Higher Education in Latin America, as well as the 2011 Report published by CINDA-UNIVERSIA and the study on Higher Technological Education in Latin America and the Caribbean 2006 for IESALC-UNESCO. Participated as members of the Advisory Council for the preparation of the 2010 and 2012 Horizon Iberoamerica Report.

She is the author of the following publications: The human being: Wheel or axis of university management? in the work Education in the Dominican Republic: Challenges and perspectives, NSU_INTEC, 2002; Quality assurance in distance higher education in the Dominican Republic, chapter of the book The quality assurance of virtual education published by Virtual Educa and ULADECH, 2011. He has published articles in the INTEC Documents series, in the Science and Society Magazine, in OREALC-Santiago Chile, in CINDA-Chile. Published in 2006 Approach to Teaching Quality: Axis of Academic Excellence of the INTEC Documents series No. 16. She has participated as an external evaluator in university accreditation processes of the International Institute for Quality Assurance (IIQ-IAC).

She is currently a member of the National Commission for the Evaluation of Dominican Higher Education, President of the Superior Council of the College of the Americas based in Canada, participates in the Governing Board of the Salomé Ureña Teacher Training Institute and is a member of the organization Mujeres en Development (MUDE). She does voluntary social work as president of the Sowers of Hope Foundation, which works with malnourished children and elderly people living in poverty. She was a member of the National Council of Education, of the National Council of Higher Education, of the Consultative Council of Civil Society for the Social Cabinet and was Vice President of the Council of the Dominican Association for Self-Study and Accreditation.