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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

55 ° Ordinary Graduation


55 Ordinary Graduation Technological Institute of Santo Domingo (INTEC)

Rector's words

October 2017

Ms. Secretary President of the Board of Regents, Fabiola Herrera SENORS members of the General Assembly and the Board of Regents, Members of the Academic Council and directors, teachers and collaborators of INTEC, Mr. guest speaker, Sergio Roitberg, Mr. Director of the IESA, Carlos Garcia Graduates and Graduates, Family and Related, Ladies and Gentlemen

Finally, after two, three, four or more years of effort, we are today facing the event of greatest symbolism and greatest importance in the life of each student: the moment of graduation. It is an act that each one of you, graduates and graduates, has looked forward to, to close with a flourish a period of efforts and enter with firm steps to a new stage of professional life. I express therefore an enthusiastic and sincere congratulation, which extends to all family and related who gave them support during the journey, and to the teachers who contributed their dedication to help them achieve a quality education.

I know that each of you has a plan that will define the next steps in life. For some, graduation is the gateway to a job or promotion; for others, graduation is the way to the completion of higher studies, in the country or abroad; for others, today is the first brick for the construction of a new business that may revolutionize the world. It was said in ancient times that there are many ways to get to Rome and, in the same way, I am sure that everyone will find a unique and unrepeatable way to satisfy their professional aspirations. I take this solemn moment to wish you the greatest success, whatever your final destination.

However, graduates and graduates, I would also like to remind you that professional success is just one part of the challenges that lie ahead. In a country like ours, overwhelmed by immense needs and unseemly inequalities, it is also important to ask in what other ways you can contribute to improving the living conditions of other Dominicans and other Dominicans, and to build a better society. Society will want to know, for example, what do economists who graduated from INTEC think about the magnitude of public debt? The company hopes to know, what will the engineers graduated from INTEC invent to help alleviate the housing deficit for the most needy classes?

In another order, what can new experts do in actuarial calculation to improve the functioning of the social security system? To what extent will the new experts on environmental issues serve to improve the conditions of our river basins and the quality of the air we breathe? And, finally, the society deserves to know if the doctors graduated from INTEC will contribute in some way to reduce the maternal mortality rate, if the graduates of the educational programs will be doing something to reduce the rates of embarrassment in the young adolescents and if the Graduates of Psychology will help the country reduce its levels of family violence.

As professionals and as citizens, graduates and graduates, you have a large share of responsibility to contribute to the common good. Every coin has two faces. In this case, the currency they receive upon graduation has on the one hand a large share of pride and satisfaction, but on the other it has a moral obligation to contribute new knowledge to improve the living conditions of the community. It is our hope that each one of you grows without limits in your private life, but that at the same time you care about the growth of others, and that you assume that challenge with all the talent, creativity, social responsibility and sense of commitment that characterize to our Hive.

You are only young once in your life and the vast majority of you are very lucky to be now. Honor that privilege with innovation, courage and vitality. Only with your contribution will a better tomorrow come. Your ideas and convictions are indispensable to build a more just society. You need your hands to build a brighter future. INTEC has the absolute certainty that those hands will not fail.

Allow me now to introduce you to our guest speaker. Sergio Roitberg did his university studies in his native country, Argentina, and then moved to the United States, where he followed a distinguished career as a communicator. He was news presenter, correspondent and producer of international television channels.

In 1998, he founded his company, Newlink, and in less than 20 years he became one of the main communication consultants in Latin America. During those years, he has traveled throughout Latin America and the world, giving lectures on topics such as business innovation, the disruption of technology and the strategies that companies can adopt to adapt to changes.

Mr. Roitberg is the author of the essay "Under Fire" in which he explains his Orbital Thought Theory, as well as several articles about how to communicate in the digital age and how to take care of reputation in an era of transparency. His vision establishes that, in a society empowered by technology, we have all ceased to be passive entities and have become actors of change. That is why, says Roitberg, nobody can reach their goals if they do not get the collaboration of others. In this framework, finding a shared purpose is key.

Those and other reasons make it an honor to have your presence as a guest speaker at our graduation and I ask all of you to receive it with loud applause. Thank you.