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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Strategic Guidelines

Learn about the five strategies that guide our university:

Transformative Learning (AT) We develop a learning system based on a flexible curricular design, innovative methodologies and continuous evaluations, in an active search for socially relevant results.
Sustainability and Expansion (M&E) We will build a university that grows in a sustained manner, financially diversified and environmentally responsible.
Organizational Capabilities (CO) We are a space that inspires the continuous development of talent and fosters a quality service-oriented culture with transparency and accountability.
Knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship (CIE) We are referents in innovation and continuous search for entrepreneurship opportunities, through the productive management of knowledge, based on attitudes of curiosity, habits of inquiry and experimentation practices for the transformation of society.
Linking and social impact (VyIS) We act as agents of change and innovation through strategic alliances with key sectors, impact on policies and applications of science and technology to relevant problems in society.